Monday, 6 August 2012

You Deserve To Retire In Paradise - 5 Reasons To Choose Belize

If you are considering relocating or retiring in Belize you should be interested to know that it has become a shining star in the international media. Internationally acclaimed magazines and newspapers are consistently publishing articles on Belize and how truly wonderful this small tropical paradise is.

We decided to boil it down to five reasons to retire here.  So here you go:

You can have a nicer home

Your home is a huge investment! Do you want to increase its worth? Do you want to improve how you feel about your home when you walk in the door after work? Do you want to show off your home proudly to your family and friends? Do you want to enjoy the greater convenience and room that comes with a bigger, nicer house… without having to buy an entirely new one?

And when it comes time to sell your home, do you wan to get more money for it?

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Top 10 Most Populated Countries in 2012

The total world population, when broken down into territories and countries, varies a lot due to geographical and environmental conditions. Places with deserts and famine tend to be less populated than those which offer lavish lifestyles and successful career opportunities. The Top 10 Most Populated Countries may not be the most feasible place to live in but as nations have evolved, people have concentrated more in some places than others. Two countries that are not presently in the top 10 list but will be in a couple of years, in terms of population, are Philippines and Congo. The Top 10 Most Populated Countries list presented here is based on the population figures on last year and this year which has been interpolated till 2050 to make our list valid for a long, long time!

The 10 Most Corrupt Countries In The World

The world responded to corruption like never before in 2011 as regimes throughout the Mid-East fell and citizens demanded greater rights.

But the response did little to change the number of corrupt countries occupying the map.

This year's gold-standard of corruption studies, the Corrupt Perceptions Index, has been released and it pegs corruption in the countries of the world on a scale of 1 to 10 — from most corrupt — to the least.

The following slides show the 10 most corrupt countries and what allows them the dark distinction.

10 Surprising Facts About Headaches

Did you know that sex can give you a bad headache? How about that three genevariations linked to migraines have been discovered? And that most sinus headaches are really migraines?

Research is zeroing in on a source of pain weve all felt at one time or another, whether its a dull aching pain or a tension headache, the throbbing of a migraine or a pounding hangover headache after a big night out.

Top 10 Most Expensive iPad Apps

If spending nearly $700 USD on your new Apple iPad 2 64 GB hasn’t fulfilled your urge to part with money, fear not. Don’t waste anymore time browsing iTunes slowly, spending your wealth on less expensive iPad Apps that just cost a few dollars. Just for you, we’ve collected the costliest choices of the App Store.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Top 10 Celebrity Blondes

Do blondes really have more fun? One thing is certain, there are numerous beautiful women in Hollywood, including blondes, however; what makes a blonde celebrity standout goes way beyond looks and aura. In fact, you don't have to be supremely gorgeous or a knockout to even be one of the top celebrities with blonde hair. Despite being original, you have to know who you are and how to represent yourself, including your hair. You have to make a statement and create a variety of looks that make a avowal, as well. I have decided to narrow down the many blonde celebrity starlets to only the top 10 celebrities with blonde hair. The real question remains - are you ready Hollywood?